Google has just revealed plans for two new additions to the Google Home line. Focusing on the ever-evolving worlds of hands-free wares and home audio, Google introduces the Google Home Mini and Max smart speakers.

Outfitted with Google Assistant as a primary function, the Google Home Mini is as small as can be and features 360-degree sound. Revealed as both durable and light, the Mini is available for purchase in Charcoal, Coral and Chalk colorways. Whether there’s a flood of background noise or the volume is cranked up to wall-shaking levels, the Mini’s Assistant feature can pick up your voice; its long-reaching microphone is capable of tracking you down regardless of your nearest location.

Google’s very first speaker with Smart Sound technology, the Google Home Max’s audio system is propelled by Google’s own artificial intelligence. You can choose to set up your Home Max in any corner of your house and feel free to move it around constantly; the speaker will always tune itself to the appropriate level of sound — it can also play music from vertical or horizontal positions. Bluetooth and auxiliary port features are available with the Home Max, and it comes in Chalk and Charcoal iterations.

You can take a look at Google’s new Home Max and Mini smart speakers above; the former will retail for $49 USD, while the latter comes in at $399 USD. The Mini will hit stores on October 19, while the Max will be available for pre-order come November 13.

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