Pokémon GO is now the biggest mobile game in U.S. history, and once it hits Asia, it’ll most likely going to be the biggest game in the world. The game’s got sedentary people living actively again, it’s bringing people of different backgrounds together, and it’s making nostalgic dreams come true. In celebration of the good cause, we’ve put together a Pokémon GO Playlist which contains songs to accompany you on your journey into becoming a Pokémon master. The Playlist includes JME’s (known Pokémon fanatic) “The Very Best,” a cover of the theme song by Domo Genesis and many other tracks of various genres that remix and or sample music from the TV show and the video games. Featured artist include likes of Psychic Type, JOURNAL, GRIMECRAFT, NEET, $UICIDEBOY$, BLASTERJAXX, Sabrepulse, HAUNTXR, SUPA GUCCI, SORRYSINES and more, as well as those who don’t make Pokémon-themed or sampled music but have names that give tribute to the series like dope diglett, Bubbly Bulbasaur and Mssingno. Of course, we had to include the classics: the original Pokemon theme song by Jason Paige, the “Go Pokémon Go!” rap song by Sam Milby and Juan Antonio De la Paz, and “Pokémon Johto (Season Theme)” by John Loeffler and John Siegler. Listen to the Playlist below and stay safe when playing the game.

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