Horror movie It has been the talk of the cinema world over the past week and the Andy Muschietti-directed film seems to have lived up to all of the hype thus far. With Sunday’s totals beginning to trickle in, the opening weekend estimates have the film slated to bring in just over $117 Million USD in North American theatres. The film’s high grossing total puts it just ahead of Wonder Woman, which brought in approximately $103 million over its first three days. Including international totals, It is expected to rake in over $179 million USD.

It now holds the box office record as the largest September release ever. Prior to thisthe record holder for the most money grossed in a September opening weekend was held by 2015′s Hotel Transylvania 2, which brought in around $50 million USD. It also smashed the previous record holder for the most successful horror film opening weekend, eclipsing Paranormal Activity 3′s total of $58 million USD.

Have you seen the remake of the Stephen King novel yet? If you have, let us know in the comments if It lived up to your expectations.

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