Netflix’s show Narcos has become a global phenomenon since its premiere last year, and now the critically-acclaimed soundtrack is getting a vinyl release through Invada Records. Available in September to coincide with the start of the second season on Netflix, the soundtrack will also be distributed in CD and digital formats via Lakeshore Records. The 28-track release includes famed Brazilian composer Pedro Bromfman’s (Elite Squad 1 & 2) instrumental clues and “Tuyo,” singer-songwriter Rodrigo Amarante’s popular theme song for the show. Hear a snippet and peep the tracklist below.

Narcos (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) (Tracklist)

01. ‘Prologue’
02. ‘Tuyo’ (Theme song by Rodrigo Amarante)
03. ‘Colombian Army’
04. ‘No Amnesty’
05. ‘Cockroach and Pinochet’
06. ‘Meet Gacha and Escobar’
07. ‘Easy Money’
08. ‘Agent Murphy’
09. ‘The Perfect Product’
10. ‘Cocaine Labs’
11. ‘Colonel Carrillo’
12. ‘Pablo’s Sword’
13. ‘Palace Of Justice’
14. ‘Baby Girl’
15. ‘Urban Chase’
16. ‘Flying Drugs’
17. ‘Murphy’s First Kill’
18. ‘Gacha’s Troubles’
19. ‘Kidnapped’
20. ‘The Spaniard’
21. ‘President Gaviria’
22. ‘Recruiting Soldiers’
23. ‘The Tax’
24. ‘Turbay and Gorilla’
25. ‘Pablo Grieves’
26. ‘Cat Killers’
27. ‘Mcpickle’
28. ‘This Is Home’

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