The 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC in red finish is certainly a collector’s choice. But this model listed for sale in Japan is available in left-hand drive. During the 60s, the launch of any Ferrari by Pininfarina was quite well-received in the market and even stirred curiosity amongst the classic car collectors and car aficionados for its ultra-intriguing profile and luxurious interior and exterior styling.

Onlookers would catch a glimpse of it, and for that matter of fact, in this 21st century, one could easily pull out a camera phone, take a snap-shot alongside the stunning Ferrari sports car and post “insta-worthy spots” pictures. For those who could afford a Ferrari would join like-minded club members in the fun and had the pleasures of taking the race car to the competitive circuit to test the fullness of its powerful speed and engine.

This luxurious 330 GTC is a two-seater, that is said to be a lovely driver and Gran Turismo, is equipped with a Tipo209/66, V12 single cam unit that is capable of producing 300 horsepower and nudging the car up to a maximum speed of 242km/h, and that is considered great enough in today’s context.

The Gran Turismo is accompanied by the seldom seen optional equipment, such as the egg crate grill framed in a circle, the classic appearance of the steel bumper and the elegant outlet in order to escape the engine heat, in which these factory options are hard to find nowadays, is what that adds to the value and uniqueness of this 330 GTC.

Well-regarded for its sporty exterior and perfect balance, the GTC330 is also fitted with air conditioning and power windows that were not common at that time, and when a Ferrari “could be enjoyed with a radio for the first time,” and also when great efforts were put in to reduce the overall noise ratio, to make drivers feel more comfortable especially during a long distant drive.

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