FORD unveiled a new e-bike – complete with a smartwatch app – that is easily taken apart for stowage on trains and in cars.

The idea is to serve “multimodal” commuters who might arrive at their destination by means of a combination of car-train-bike.

Highly versatile, riders can switch between road, mountain or city riding configurations and charging is possible during stowage.

The corresponding app contains real-time information about traffic, the weather, parking costs, commuting time and public transformation.

Eyes-free navigation, cost-effective route planning, health and fitness information is also available on the app, which also signals the rider of hazards such as potholes in the road by vibrating the handlebars.

Called MoDe:Link, the app enables a “no-sweat” mode in which electric pedal assist increases if the rider’s heartbeat goes up in order so that he arrives at the office without breaking a sweat.

The new e-bike is part of Ford’s new Smart Mobility action plan, designed to offer the most innovative and eco-friendly commuting solutions in which their public car-sharing pilot, GoDrive, also plays a role.

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