French designer Julien Anglade, has come up with a hybrid yacht concept harking back to the golden days of luxury ocean cruises.

The 150-metre IKKAR accommodates 50 passengers in ultimate luxury along with a crew of 60 to look after them.

the hybrid yacht is capable of changing its shape according to the location as well as comfort of the passengers.

When in port or at anchor offshore, the sides of the hull open at the waterline nearly the entire length of the craft to create a massive, malleable entertaining space.

The sides of the hull then gradually fall back when the vessel is at low speed. Each suite faces the sea and has a large private terrace.

A mainsail made of rigid photovoltaic cells contributes to the power for the boat and under certain sun and wind conditions can handle most of the propulsion.

The main deck and superstructure are designed in homage to the architecture of Frank Gehry and and Norman Foster.

Everything is clean and open to minimize the barrier between man and sea and maximize views of the constantly changing horizon; for instance, the railings are translucent.

The infinity pool located forward features an elevated walk giving the impression that one is floating on the water.

Via James List Luxury marketplace

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