Launching the world’s first all-terrain supercar, the Laffite G-Tec X-Road is not an SUV. Compact with a singular passenger seat, the G-Tec eliminates the stereotypical all-wheel-drive layout, massive touchscreen infotainment systems and a bevy of cup holders.

Weighing an estimated 2,866 pounds, this miniature two-seat, rear-wheel-drive supercar’s chromium-molybdenum steel chassis is power packed with a GM LT3 V8 engine, amassing a horsepower which ranges from 420 to 720 under its hood with a sequential five or six-speed paddle shift transmission and no less than 17 inches of suspension travel – making it the ideal mode of transport off-road.

Hitting top speeds of 143mph, the Laffite G-Tec X-Road’s interior is leather-clad with carbon fiber and aluminum with rear wheels capable of redistributing enormous amounts of desert sand, effortlessly.

With production capped at 30, The Laffite G-Tec X-Road is currently worth $465,000 and is available for pre-order in an exclusive offering, which includes an all-electric alternative worth $545,000.

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