During the huge All-Star Weekend announcement of the Air Jordan Kobe auctions on eBay, Jordan Brand promised a “special announcement” at noon on Sunday, February 14th. Many presumed that the aforementioned announcement would be pertaining to a retail release of the Air Jordan Kobe Pack, but such an announcement never really came. Over the last couple of weeks, the white/purple/yellow Air Jordans have begun to appear on social media through certain celebrity channels, and today Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, who is poised to open doors to Trophy Room on late May, just unveiled some of the best photos yet of the Air Jordan Kobe Pack. It features model-specific dustbags, a double-sized box with two compartments for the shoes, and other markings that represent Kobe Bryant and, of course, Jordan Brand. A retail release hasn’t been confirmed yet, but if these were to drop, don’t be surprised if they become available near Kobe’s final game in mid-April.

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