Instead of putting on a runway show during Fashion Week, Simon Porte Jacquemus, founder of the eponymous brand, invited us to the South of France, to a place so different from how we are used to picturing the South, all to watch the shooting of his second men’s collection — “The Miller.”

When Simon Porte Jacquemus invited us to the South, we immediately thought of the warmth of Provence. We even dared
to think that we would be at the seaside, with an ice lolly in one hand and a glass of Pastis in the other, like what he had offered to the guests last June at the show of his first men’s collection, “The Gadjo.” But this time around, the founder surprised us. We are on the Larzac Plateau in Aveyron, far from the sea, relatively comfortable but it was ice-cold. Simon apologizes for what he sees as an unpleasant surprise. He should not feel sorry. The freezing hands only act as a small setback for the real surprise of the day which is revealed straight away on the models. “The Miller,” the design of Simon’s second men’s collection is evidently based on the Jacquemus signature style. The basics in the first collection allude to so many figures that the founder wanted to talk about, however, the second one gives us a more clear idea of what he is going after. The typical/symbolic Jacquemus men’s look will be a worker in modern workwear uniform — something poetic yet utilitarian and romantic.


Jacquemus Menswear Collection Two EditorialAt the bottom of a windmill, in raw workwear…

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