Asia is home to many influential personalities, including business decision makers from sectors such as banking and finance and pharmaceutical to manufacturing and engineering.  “2017 has been a relatively calm year for mainstream residential markets in the Asia Pacific region, with some of the strongest performers of last year seeing price growth moderate such as China, Australia and India,” according to Nicholas Holt, Head of Research, Knight Frank Asia-Pacific.

He noted that one of the key themes in the major cities in the region continues to be “affordability” as Asia is seeing both policy and market reactions to this issue.

For the best countries to invest in, whether to start a business, buy a vacation home or move in, these countries (listed below) managed to nab top spots in ranking.

According to a report by U.S. News, countries such as Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands,  Poland, Spain and United Kingdom performed the best overall and each stood out as one of the best countries worthy of investment.

To determine the overall list that makes a country unique, U.S News surveyed over 21,000 participants from 80 countries, focussing on its people, environment, relationships, framework and teachings. The World Bank Group reported that individual and corporation are motivated “to invest in country based on resources, markets, efficiency and strategic assets like technologies or brands.”

We selected 10 Best Countries to Invest In that were reviewed (according to U.S. News) and ranked based on scores from more than 6,000 business decision makers, placing primary emphasis on these important factors, such as corrupt, dynamic, economically stable, entrepreneurial, favourable tax, environment, innovative, skilled labour force and technological expertise.

Here are the top 10 countries to invest in this year:

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1| Singapore

Population: 5.6 million, Total GDP: $297 billion, GDP growth: 2%

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2| Australia

Population: 24.1 million, Total GDP: $1.2 trillion, GDP growth: 2.8%

3| Brazil

Population: 24.1 million, Total GDP: $1.2 trillion, GDP growth: 2.8%

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4|Czech Republic

Population: 10.6 million, Total GDP: $192.9 billion, GDP growth: 2.6%

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5| France

Population: 66.9 million, Total GDP: $2.5 trillion, GDP growth: 1.2%

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Population: 5.5 million, Total GDP: $236.8 billion, GDP growth: 1.9%

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7| Ireland

Population: 4.8 million, Total GDP: $294.1 billion, GDP growth: 5.1%

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8| Spain

Population: 46.4 million, Total GDP: $1.2 trillion, GDP growth: 3.3%

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9| Thailand

Population: 68.9 million, Total GDP: $406.8 billion, GDP growth: 3.2%

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10| United Kingdom

Population: 65.6 million, Total GDP: $2.6 trillion, GDP growth: 1.8%


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