London’s Southbank will feature a new landmark building following the approval of a planning application to redevelop York House.

The new design was initiated after a four-year planning period for the original, smaller design which, by the time planning was granted, had become obsolete.

And Sheppard Robson have eventually designed a bold but beautiful glazed-design which reflects the sun beams in rainbow colors which will create a crystal effect.

“What makes the building special is the double skin and layering of the glass which works with the materials to reflect and diffuse light throughout and from the building,”

A “dragonfly wing” effect is created by the layering which was designed to dissolve the edges of the glass so as to use it as a feature.

The outer skin is a deformed grid that pulls against diagonal fins to create a series of small pyramids contributing to the jewel concept.

This gives crystalline reflections and animates the façade as the sun moves around it. Dichroic glass fins add changing colour to the building façade throughout the day.

The energy efficient double skin glass facade building will conform to the latest standards of sustainability.

It will also incorporate renewable energy sources helping to minimise energy consumption through the use of proven technologies both in construction and operational performance and is specified to achieve an excellent BREEAM, the British environmental standard, rating.

The One Westminster Place will have a space of 345,000 square feet, will be 18-story high and there will be a center atrium from top to bottom that will provide a nice view on the inside.

On the roof you will find a 10,000 square feet terrace that will offer an amazing view on the whole city.

No word yet about when the construction will begin.

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