Frank Sinatra’s onetime penthouse on New York City’s Upper East Side has sold for just under $5 million according to the WSJ.

The 3,200-square-foot, 3-level apartment, in the Edgewater co-op on the Upper East Side, has been on and off the market for several years.

Frank Sinatra duplex apartment

Seller Penny Hartsaid when she purchased the apartment about four years ago, it had not been renovated since Mr. Sinatra’s time. She did an extensive renovation, adding two glass staircases. But she decided to move to another Upper East Side apartment, and never ended up moving in.

Frank Sinatra apartment

The singer bought the apartment in 1962 when it was newly built, and sold it around 10 years later. Mr. Sinatra lived primarily on the West Coast and used the apartment as a place to stay when in New York.

Frank Sinatra apartment terrace

The buyer, architect Marvin Mitchell, said he purchased the home for the views and space, not because of its history.

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