The trend of luxury brands launching residences is catching up. Luxury car brand Pininfarina reveals a residential project in São Paulo, Brazil – a modern beauty to behold.

Known for their dreamy designs for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, Italian design house Pininfarina has been boldly using its creativity beyond automobiles. The first venture in urban architecture is a residential tower located at Rua Fiandeiras, a short distance from an upscale commercial area in São Paulo.

Built by Brazilian construction firm Cyrela, the tower looks modern and futuristic, standing at 23 stories. It houses 92 apartments ranging from 540 to 1,080 sq ft in size, with common areas and facilities such as pools and gym.

Outlined by curves and shapes inspired by movement, Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group claims that the architecture “translate the dynamism coming from our car design heritage into architecture” that fuses “sportiness and elegance”.

With exterior features intricately designed to present an illusion of symmetry, the tower presents an artistic façade with playful corners. The use of metallic elements and curved concrete creates a visual sensation, as though the building is artfully sculpted by wind.

“The combination of a strong character coupled with the ability to be harmoniously inserted within the ‘Paulistano’ lifestyle, representing the genuine Pininfarina style” Paolo Trevisan explains, the Head of Design of Pininfarina of America. Efraim Horn, co-president of Cyrela also assures that utmost care has been given to every decision, from the “selection of raw materials to the leisure options and services”.

The tower was inaugurated by Paolo Pininfarina, manager of Pininfarina, on Monday.

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