The Met Breuer
"Do It Yourself (Violin)" by Andy Warhol
“Do It Yourself (Violin)” by Andy Warhol

Upper East Side residents mourning the Whitney Museum’s move last year to the Meatpacking District, fear not! In the ultimate switcheroo, a new museum, the Met Breuer, will fill the Marcel Breuer’s designed building with art once again in March.

The Met Breuer will debut its premiere show “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible” comprised of a curation of incomplete works by masters such as da Vinci and Warhol.

Time Out New York  had the luxury of being shown around the place pre-opening by Beatrice Galilee, the museum’s associate curator of architecture and design for the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art.

The Vision of Saint John" by El Greco
The Vision of Saint John” by El Greco

Here are some standouts from top to bottom:

  • The lobby features an oversize digital screen, when lit, creating a sea of glowing light fixtures.
  • The four-story staircase’s bronze and wooden handrails feature a variety of textured treatments like bush-hammered concrete.
  • As Galilee explains, in the ’60s, Breuer was “worried that the whole of New York would become this kind of commercial [city], with glass skyscrapers,” and he wanted the art museum to be a kind of sanctuary from all that. The outdoor garden designed by Günther Vogt and his team are a nod to Breuer’s vision and features a row of spindly aspens and a low blueberry bush.
  • The floors are made up of restored square blue stones, with the exception of the second floor, which post-renovation, are walnut-colored.

And while the structure itself is stunning so stunning (except to fans of mid-century architecture), the art housed inside is.

Check out: “Do It Yourself (Violin)” by Andy Warhol, “The Vision of Saint John” by El Greco, and “Stag (Hirsch)” by Gerhard Richter

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