Reduce Plastic Waste with Tiffany’s Rose Gold Straw

Plastic waste has been greatly scrutinised by the public since photos and videos depicting plastic waste floating in the ocean have started circulating. With countless animals and fish are harmed by plastic waste, and several recent studies that have found plastic within much of the seafood we eat, the level of public awareness and attention has certainly raised to new levels.

One particular form of waste – plastic straws – has been hot in the news lately, with many advocating the use of reusable metal straws.

While authorities in countries like Taiwan have pushed for a total ban on plastic straws because of the danger they pose to the environment, most other countries have still yet to implement such laws or. To join in the mass movement against plastic waste, why not also add a bit of bling to your smoothies, iced coffee or simply your water drinking experience!

Tiffany & Co’s Crazy Straws from its Everyday Objects collection features a classic, bendable straw, features the signature Tiffany blue accent in enamel. The sterling silver straws come in three colors: silver ($335), and gold or rose gold vermeil ($470).

There are a range of other designs offered by Tiffany as well, with intricate details such as tiny silver creatures like ladybugs, and dragonflies, and even one with a beautiful monkey straw with a silver vine wrapped around it (SGD $570).

Take your pick for a fancy new addition to your daily life. In related news, Tiffany is also top for mining ethicacy.

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