The world?s largest drone manufacturer, DJI, is venturing into yet another market, robots. The new DJI RoboMaster S1
is a robot designed specially to introduce children and adults to
educational technology. The camera-equipped remote-controlled car can be
driven using a mobile app, or coded to move on its own. It?s equipped
with 31 sensors that help it map its environment, and it can move in 360
degrees thanks to cleverly-designed wheels. The S1 also features
high-performance motors, a gimbal, infrared and bead blasters, a speaker
and, of course, a tiny camera that can shoot HD video at up to 1080p.
This is also a DIY project, meaning you?ll need to build it from the
ground up, piecing together its 46 various parts before you can take it
for a spin. The S1 is nearly fully customizable and be programmed to do
your bidding in scratch. It has a maximum speed of 8MPH, and its
removable battery can last about 30-35 minutes on a single charge. DJI
hopes you use this to create your own courses, races and host your own
robot battle with friends. watch the video below

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