Dubai Supercar manufacturer Zarooq Motors,
have unveiled their first production model, the impressive Sandracer
500GT, a racing car specifically designed for the desert, yet it is
street legal. The beastly dune jumper is powered by an impressive
6.2-liter V8 engine, tuned to deliver a mind-blowing 525 hp and 487
lb-ft of torque. The rear-wheel drive monster also comes equipped with a
racing-grade five-speed sequential gearbox, a digital dash, Mansory
carbon fiber seats, a lightweight chassis and roll cage designed by
Campos Racing, heavy-duty suspension, and some seriously knobby tires.
The SandRacer also has two suspension height settings, one for road and
one for sand, so it can be used as both the ultimate dune buggy and as a
daily driver. You?ll want to act quick though, only 35 are being

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