Two weeks after sharing her latest single “Where Did I Go?,” Jorja Smith delivers its visual translation. Taking the DIY route for this one, the clip invites the viewer to an intimate session with the rising UK songstress. Detailing her approach in her conversation with Hunger TV, Jorja states that it was a spontaneous idea.

How did the video for “Where Did I Go?” come about? You filmed it all yourself right?

Yeah! At the house I’m staying in with my auntie, uncle and cousins – they were all away for the weekend – I noticed the lighting was really good on the stairs where there was a skylight, so I balanced the camera on the banister and just starting singing. What I like about the video is that any girl could do it, so I feel like it’s more real and relatable for people.

How much are you inspired by the DIY route?

Oh I love it! I did the artwork for the song too and so many of my friends are really creative – the artwork for Blue Light was done by my friend Shannon. I like using people around me, it makes it feel homemade. I always have ideas for my videos too, even if I can’t direct them myself I’ve always got an idea of exactly how I want it to be.

Watch the clip up top and stay tuned for more fuego coming from this London-based artist.

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