Volkswagen has announced that it is planning to stop production of its Beetle once again, although there is no specific timeline as of when. However, the Beetle is certainly no ready to disappear off the production line yet. Customization experts Memminger is known for its restorations of the Volkswagen Beetle since the mid-‘90s. It just released its own custom concept of Memminger Roadster 2.7, named after the liter size of the air-cooled boxer engine.

Bespoke Carmaker Memminger makes a Better Beetle than Volkswagen

Visually, there are several radical enhancements to the Memminger Roadster compared to the iconic bug. The cute classic Beetle is reimagined into a two-seat roadster sporting a low, wide body with pumped up fenders.

The chassis is replaced with an all tube-frame, semi-visible in the interior, while  the seats are covered with a vintage plaid. Tires are much bigger huge, 225-mm wide, and 255-mm up front and wide in the back, they’re mounted on 18-inch wheels.

One of the most notable change to the car is its engine. The Memminger Roadster upgrades the original 1.6-liter flat-four to a 2.7-liter engine, good for 210hp and 182lbft of torque. Memminger claims that it is based on the same engine in the VW Type 4 and Porsche 914. The traditional rear-mount is also shifted to a mid-mount to provide a better balance to the car.

Availability is yet confirmed but production run is said to be just 20 worldwide. Learn more about the car on Memminger.

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