We’re used to hearing about the production runs of the latest exotic supercars that are in the pipeline already being sold out as soon as they are announced. And in some cases, and despite eye-watering price tickets, buying one can even be invite-only in some instances. It’s very different with the upcoming Fisker EMotion though, as not only is it open for anyone to buy, you can even secure one of these $129,900 electric sedans for a deposit of just $2,000! Before you start ordering them by the dozen though, there is one restriction to take note of, and that’s the rule that no single buyer can order more than three.

In fact, Fisker isn’t exactly being revolutionary here though, as it’s just taking a page from the playbook of Tesla with the Model 3. In fact, you could join the line for a Model 3 for just $1,000 at the time, but then again, the Fisker is priced three or four times higher than the Tesla was.

For those with the funds who are interested in this latest all-electric car, the claimed specifications for the Fisker EMotion are enticing. The key number for any electric car is the maximum range on a single full battery charge, and the Fisker is said to have a range of some 400 miles. Not only that though, the Emotion is also supposed to be able to be recharged enough for a further 100 miles in just nine minutes using the company’s UltraCharger system.

The Fisker also has a LIDAR sensor embedded in the middle of what would be the grille on a regular car, which suggests the EMotion will feature some advanced autonomous driving tech, perhaps along the lines of Tesla’s Autopilot-like self-driving mode. What we don’t know is the top speed or how fast the electric sedan accelerates, but it will have to be fairly rapid to live up to the promises made by its sporty styling.

At least the deposit is accessible to the mass-market, although finding the remaining $127,900 might be more challenging for many of us.

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