The Future of Electronic Mountain Biking Was Engineered By Greyp in Croatia

Don’t let the fact that this isn’t the CEO of SpaceX, husband of beloved singer Grimes, or father of X Æ A-12 Musk, deter you. In fact, Croatia’s Elon Musk, Mate Rimac is pretty cool too. Revered as an innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of the Croatian car company Rimac Automobili, this 32 year old genius is making headlines once again for stepping beyond his niche of fast cars and into the world of electronic mountain bikes.

Bringing quite possibly the most technologically advanced ride to America, Mate Rimac’s latest venture known as, Greyp, unveils a power-packed, four-bike line, he calls ‘G6’. Branded as “a full-carbon trail bike with a high-tech heart and e-supercar soul”, each G6 is powered by 36-volt, 700Wh batteries with a 460-watt motor, promising up to 60 miles of power-assist under normal circumstances, on Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Line tires.

Loaded with a SRAM EX1 groupset right out of the box and Rockshox front and rear suspension with nearly six inches of travel, the G6 boasts the most extreme innovations in cutting-edge technology, utilizing a built-in T-Mobile-powered 4G eSIM card for continuous internet connectivity, a GPS chip, front- and rear-facing 1080p cameras which record entire rides and store the last 20 seconds, a mobile mount with a USB charging port, plus a downloadable mobile Greyp application for full on-board tech control and tracking, from the convenience of your handlebars.

Worth anywhere from USD$ 7,381 for a G6.1 Bold F6 to USD$ 15,886 for a top-of-the-line G6.X Limited, the full G6 range comes complete with an in-depth manual and is currently available online for sale and test rides.

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