Dear visitors, here is the tinny studio that LUXUO plans to buy to set up its international headquarters (it is important to be surrounded by luxury to get inspired ^_^) .

The Bader House is the ultimate in modern design and Hollywood glam. Located in the hills in West Hollywood and perched above the Sunset Strip, this house has just two bedrooms but has all sorts of features designed to tempt.

From the agents:

“Fresh, and the best of everything in modern, original design. This home was created by the Russell group and Palumbo Design team in order to fulfill the wishes of Bader’s personal dream-bachelor home.

Absolutely meticulous, with a wealth of amenities to infuse it, it is the ultimate, ultra sexy bachelor pad. How can it not be, with its romantic head-on city views and its beauteous simplicity?

With floor-to-ceiling walls of glass, it is able to bring the city life into the serenity of home. Furthermore, the Bader House features unique architectural details-from a parking spot in the living room and mechanical dining room table, to a sensuous fire elevating from an open pit. Among other highlights are the plush theater, stylish master bedroom, second bedroom, and gourmet kitchen. You’ll never miss a thing.”

The Bader house is currently for sale at $5,995,000. (one billion more visitors and the house will be ours!)

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