Welcome to Le Brassus, Singapore

Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet has opened its doors once again at Liat Towers, Singapore, with a brand new gleaming façade and a deeply impressive chandelier. Like the sapphire crystal of its watches, that façade resists glare and is a deft touch. The result of the 10-month facelift is a retail concept the brand calls a “Home Away from Home”. It is indeed so as the new 196 square meter flagship boutique has incorporated elements of Le Brassus into the décor, transporting clients to the brand’s birthplace in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland.

We had the opportunity to visit the boutique and were given a tour of the two floors and learnt more about its three-story façade (yes, two floors and three stories) that can be seen as you walk along Orchard Road. Measuring over 10-meters, the façade is made up of angular shapes and forms in a bronze finish, inspired by the forests in Le Brassus. This design is replicated at the entrance on the first floor as you step into the boutique.

Welcome Lounge on the first floor

Greeting you at the reception area is the aforementioned chandelier that symbolizes the clouds and fog hovering over Vallée de Joux. The lights that hang from it take its inspiration from the raindrops that fall in Le Brassus. The welcome bar below the chandelier sits in front of the extra-large screen that shows you the landscape of Vallée de Joux.

The boutique’s layout is divided into two areas, “The Manufacture” and “The House”. The former is a detailed product display and watchmaker corner while the latter on the second floor is a full service bar and lounge where clients can enjoy an espresso or glass of champagne.

Along with the bar is a little corner that showcases little pieces of history from the manufacture at Le Brassus, and are changed once every six months. There is even a watchmaker’s bench that serves as the workspace of the technical advisor, sharing insights into the world of watchmaking and celebrating artistry.

Watchmaker's bench and lounge on the second floor
Watchmaker’s bench and lounge on the second floor


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