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This is the progressive house remix of Pharrell Williams – Freedom by X-Change & Shayon THEHITMAN. They wanted to take the track and give it a mainstage festival feel. It’s 128 bpm.

Blog Review: X-Change, a Los Angeles DJ and Producer, has just recently released a new track in Collaboration with Shayon THEHITMAN, a remix of Pharrell William’s “Freedom.” A 128 BPM progressive house remix, it is certainly something different to most other Pharrel Remixes, as it begins with loud booming drums, and a fast and intense synth, with a build filled with sweeping synths and white noise building up into a loud and powerful chorus. This is then followed by a small break of the synth, with the song building right back up into an even more intense journey to the second drop, as sampled Pharrel vocals come in, repeating faster and faster as the song finally drops back into it’s chorus, just as intense as before. – (

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